Oumuwa handbags are designed in the U.S. and produced by local artisans and small to medium enterprises in several African countries.

Oumuwa means "you are beautiful" in the Oshiwambo language of Namibia. It began from our Founder’s love for traditional African textile. She enjoyed walking through different markets in West Africa, visiting cooperatives, and villages where they weave the textile. Since she couldn’t use all of them, she decided to incorporate them into handbags that she designs. Their colors are bright and vibrant and every woman looks beautiful in them.

The bags display an array of possibilities from which locally handwoven African textiles could be used. The bags are made from leather and traditional textiles that are woven in several African countries, such as Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, and Senegal, to name a few.

We take great pride in supporting African entrepreneurs; from those weaving, to the dedicated bag makers. To that end, most of the work that goes into producing our bags is done in several African countries. By doing this, we provide income generating opportunities to women-owned and family-owned small businesses. 

Not Wax!

Although wax is used to represent African fabrics, it represents a very small part of the continent’s illustrious history with textile.  Unlike wax, African textiles are traditionally woven and have existed for centuries. They are used in ceremonial events, and most have meanings. It is our purpose to showcase part of the African culture, through the textiles, that the continent offers. We use wax as well, but the majority of our bags are from handwoven African textiles and beads.

 Mission Statement:

To introduce traditional African textile by using them in leather handbags, while contributing to income generation of local communities. 


  • Provide quality products to customers.
  • Partner with local artisans, as well as women-owned and small businesses, to produce quality handbags.
  • Source woven textiles from local communities in African countries.
  • Provide exceptional customer service.